5 Things to Tell Yourself Daily as You Try to Change

3. I am closer now than I have ever been.

Bella Martin


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Change is hard; sometimes unbearably slow and others shockingly sudden. Even when you are the one initiating it, and even when you know your reasons for doing so, it can be so easy to turn back and change your mind.

It can be so tempting to retreat to the familiar even when you are no longer being fulfilled there. There’s a reason we don’t change and it’s rarely because we don’t want to. More commonly, it’s because our reasons have to battle our resistance; our desire to do something different has to come up against our drive to stay the same.

Our desire also has to come up against our doubts. That’s why when we want to change, one of the first places we should turn is inward.

When you realize there’s something in you and not around you that is holding you back from making the changes you know are necessary to move closer to what you want, you understand that it is your responsibility to figure out what that is.

It’s your responsibility to get out of your own way first, to be your greatest cheerleader before anyone else will, and to show up every day with the determination to conquer your disbelief.

Trying to change is just that: effort. And that effort will bring you face to face with all of the reasons you think you can’t or shouldn’t. That’s when you’ll have to dig deep to find the reasons you think you could or should.

That’s when you’ll have to tell yourself these 5 things because they’ll encourage you to continue on the path of change. They’ll give you the strength to try one more time, stay one more day, and trust that the future you are stepping into is worth waiting for.

1. “I can do hard things.”

When trying anything new, even natural talent is put to the test. It doesn’t matter how much potential you have or where you might end up once you put the work in, change always carries a challenge.

Believing you can do hard things will keep you from falling into the mental trap that difficulty equates to impossibility, that just because you don’t know how to move forward yet doesn’t mean you won’t figure it out in time…



Bella Martin

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