This is how you know you’re one of the lucky ones.

If you have been marked by life then you have left your mark too.

Bella Martin


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If you have something to lose, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. If you have chosen to care even after all you’ve been through — the betrayals, the heartbreaks, the things you wished you would never have to go through but then you did — trust me, you are one of the brave ones.

And if you have determined to try, even though you might not make it and even when you’re not quite good enough, then you are one of the rare ones. You are one of those few and far between souls who choose failure over comfort because only one leads to growth.

Only one gives you the satisfaction of knowing you played the game, not the one of winners or losers but the one of both. You chose both — love and loss over never having loved at all, fear and courage over hardened indifference, and dreams and disappointments over the flatness of experiencing neither.

You chose cresting highs and crashing lows over complacent waters because you would rather waver than never be moved at all. And still, you made space for calm, for relaxation, for rest because that’s part of it too. Life and living well; being changed and yet staying the same, growing but always circling back to your roots.

Life is in its essence paradoxical. When you learn how to deeply feel you discover how to detach. When you give yourself over to love you strengthen yourself in your vulnerabilities.

And when you flow with the unexpected ups and downs and stop resisting life’s randomness, you settle into what is always certain — things will change — you will change — and that is good. That is lucky because it means you have been marked by life and in return you have left your mark too.

When you let go of what doesn’t matter you let in what does because, in your emptiness, you can be filled. In your helplessness, you can be helped and it is often in the very moments when you think you have nothing left to live for that you start living for yourself. That’s when you start asking the big questions, the real ones.

If this is it, is it enough?

If loss is inevitable then what do I still wish to gain?

If death is imminent then how will I live?

These questions lead you to what matters, not because anyone told you they should but because they do. They matter to you.

Knowing your deepest truths, honoring your core values, and living by your unshakable beliefs is what it means to have genuine wealth, and if that’s your only fortune, then you are one of the lucky ones.

Because you did more than exist. You lived.

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