This is your sign to stop, close your eyes, now feel.

Sometimes less is more. In fact, it almost always is.

Bella Martin


Photo by Ilona Panych on Unsplash

We so easily dismiss the simple joys because we forget there is joy in them at all. Waking up slow and easy. A morning book. Moments of uninterrupted presence with someone you love or a minute of silence with yourself.

Just you. Only you.

In running after what we want, we overlook what we have; the things we once wanted before we got them and took them for granted, and the ones it feels like we’ve always had but deep down we know we can’t keep.

Breath. Health. Time. Life. It’s all borrowed — gifted freely, mercifully — and it will all be taken back.

The things that matter beyond a shadow of a doubt are always simple and yet extraordinary, fleeting but somehow timeless. In our search for more, we forget the power of less and how the two are intertwined.

Less things to do means more time to be. Less distraction means more clarity and greater calm.

We all know that not enough of certain things leads to suffering, but the same is true for more. When we begin living only in pursuit and never in presence — never with peace — it is a sign that our problem isn’t in wanting too little but needing too much.

You don’t have to have everything you have ever thought you wanted before you can start to be happy.

Life doesn’t need to live up to an ideal before you can be inspired by it, moved by it, lost in the feeling of what it means to be human — to be equally fragile and resilient, mortal but a part of the infinite.

And you don’t have to see or understand how it will all play out before you give yourself over to the journey; before you relax and believe that where you are is exactly where you need to be. What is required of you now is exactly what you are going to make the best out of until you end up somewhere different.

Sometimes, we are so focused on making our lives better or ensuring they don’t get worse that we fail to realize they are already sufficient — maybe not perfect, but not so bad either, possibly in need of some improvements, but equally worthy of appreciation.



Bella Martin

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