While You Search for What You Want, Count What You Have

A gentle reminder to count your blessings.

Bella Martin
3 min readSep 12, 2022


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As I walked along the shore of the Amalfi Coast, my eyes scanned the pebbles under the whitewash, searching for my hidden treasure. I already held several small pieces of green sea glass in my left hand, but I wanted to find a bigger one. I also wanted it to be blue.

For an hour, I walked up and down the shore reciting the mantra, “patience pays off.” Every time my eyes caught a glimpse of color under the waves, I reached down as fast as possible before the sea could swallow back up what was mine.

I collected piece after piece of sea glass, but none of them were big enough, and none of them were blue. Like a child, I was disappointed I didn’t get what I wanted.

I was patient.

I was persistent.

I did my best, and this time it didn’t pay off.

I walked back to my towel, not overly upset but bummed. I thought for a second that maybe manifestation doesn’t work. I asked for what I wanted. I visualized it, looked for it, believed I could find it, and didn’t.

Then I glanced down at my left hand. Sitting in it were over twenty pieces of sea glass, all smaller than I’d hoped for, and none of them blue, yet they were still beautiful. Every single one was a gift from the sea, and I had received them all with a twinge of disappointment.

In an instant, this message came to me. When you focus too much on getting what you want, you fail to notice what you already have. When you are too specific about what will make you happy, you rob yourself of the joy of every other experience.

Everyone has a handful of sea glass, or blessings, in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Still, all of us hope to add to our collection.

Maybe you think a bigger house, a higher-paying job, an upgraded car, or a new relationship status will satisfy you. Or perhaps you believe you will find fulfillment in a specific milestone, accomplishment, status, or net worth.

We instinctively think, “If I only had ____ then I would be happy.” Whatever word we use to fill in the blank changes from person to person, but the idea is…



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